Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz founded Success Academy Charter Schools in 2006 to tackle the monumental crisis in public education in the most prominent city in the United States. Success Academy has become one of the fastest-growing, highest-performing public charter school networks in the country, with more than 50 schools enrolling over 20,000 students.  

As a national leader, Eva speaks to diverse groups across the country and has shared her expertise with thousands of educators and visitors from around the world. She has testified before Congress about education and economics, and has worked with political leaders of both parties — from presidents and governors to mayors and state legislators — to advocate for children’s educational futures. Her memoir, The Education of Eva Moskowitz, details Eva’s fight for education reform and the personal journey that brought her to where she is today. 


Eric Grannis

Eric Grannis is an attorney in private practice. Prior to that, he taught middle school math and science. Eric has also been instrumental in founding several charter schools both as a board member and attorney.